Submissions to Penny Candy Books will remain open until March 31, 2019.

In the spirit of penny candy, Penny Candy Books offers affordable, eye-catching children's books that promote the value of diversity—in authors, characters & stories, and readers. We believe children’s literature must reflect the diverse realities of the world we live in. We're interested in complex stories that raise questions rather than simplistic stories with easy answers. 

We are looking for manuscripts for kids' books that reflect a wide range of authors and illustrators from around the globe. We are not interested in perpetuating a publishing culture that all authors, illustrators, and readers do not have access to. While we will not exclude anyone from our catalog, we will surely be focusing on underrepresented, unheard, or forgotten voices as part of our mission.

In addition, we're interested in language. We're poets, and language for us is an intricate, complex, wonderful, and diverse affair. We're also interested in an engaged world view, both in the design of our books and in the illustrations we'll consider. 

We must admit that we aren't particularly fond of stories that rhyme (unless you can pull it off). 

To that end, if you have an unpublished manuscript you'd like for us to look at, please submit a query letter along with your story and/or illustrations. We will consider written manuscripts without illustrations; we will also gladly consider stories without words. 

We will gladly consider simultaneous submissions; however, we ask that you only submit one story to us at a time. If we receive multiple submissions from you, we will delete all but the first one without reading them. Please wait to submit another story until you've heard back from us regarding your current submission. 

If you'd like us to consider you in our illustrator pool, please email us at info [at] with a link to your work. 

Authors, please answer the following questions in your cover letter:

1. What other books like this one have been published?

2. What sets yours apart from these books? 


Alexis & Chad

Penny Candy Books